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Public Figure

We understand that the privacy of a public figure is hard to maintain, which many times can cause loneliness and neglect of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, family and relationship problems. With that in mind we have created a special celebrity rate to block our regular clinical schedule to accomodate any specific needs including traveling, tours, security and logistical concerns.

To ensure strict patient privacy, all phone calls go directly to our mobile phones only and we are the only people that will ever listen to the secured voice and email messages. We purposely also do not have secretaries so that we are always the only ones with access to our patient files.

The finest therapy in Sydney is now just a phone call away and we know you will benefit like so many of our current and previous famous celebrity, sports and reality TV stars have in our secure, private, space.

We can accommodate facilitating the meetings on most secure and encrypted networks, the telephone or even Skype depending on the level of security sought.