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Teen Therapy

Sometimes life can be hard and seem unfair, especially for our young ones. If you or the teenager you love is struggling we understand how this can hurt everyone involved.

When our teens are hurting the family struggles, parents don’t know what to do next and the options become narrow. We understand that some situations may seem hopeless and dark, however, with the right support there can be a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone.

Sometimes just sitting in an sterile office talking to a stranger about complicated emotions and situations may not feel comfortable for a teen. That is why at the Radiant Group we have a vast array of outdoor therapy services designed to create the connection, warmth and understanding we all crave. No more boring therapy; we utilise walk and talk opportunities, working one on one with horses, dogs, art and music therapy - all the while getting to the heart of the issues your teen is struggling with, extended with love and compassion.

These days being a teenager is not easy, and being a parent of a teenager seems to be getting harder. Please reach out and allow us to support you to support your teen.