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Heal. Change. Grow.

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At the Radiant Group we believe the greatest foundation for recovery and healing is hope. We provide a range of options including one-on-one sessions through to group online and in person outpatient programs.

Our team of knowledgeable and compassionate professionals are here to provide guidance and support on your journey towards healing with tailored therapies designed to help you gain insight into the triggers and traumas that have shaped your life.

We invite you to take a look around our website and explore the various support options we offer, as well as the resources available to help you begin your healing journey.

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Our Methodology

Located on the beautiful foreshores of Avalon beach in NSW, The Radiant Group embodies the hope of recovery and healing from addictions, emotional and childhood trauma, complex PTSD, PTSD, relationship wounds, mental health challenges, as well as emotional and eating disorders.

Our methodology is based on a client centred bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach. We address the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), childhood and adult sexual and/or non-sexual abuse, compulsive and addictive behaviours, anxiety and depression, grief, loss and betrayal trauma.

Our treatment programs bring together the expertise and skills of highly trained and empathetic mental health specialists. It is our goal to provide personalised, focused and compassionate treatment and effective tools in a condensed time frame.

Our team has created an integrated, sustainable and loving space where the latest research and best practice informs recovery and addiction treatment and healing.

We use a combination of Psycho-education, Mindfulness techniques, EMDR , Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Positive Psychology. We ensure sessions are holistic and tailored to individual's needs. We utilise a proven and methodical, yet caring approach to treating Complex Trauma, PTSD and Addictions.

How We Can Help

If you are currently struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Addiction or relationship challenges we are glad you are here. With compassion and focused counselling and trauma treatment, we help individuals, couples and teens create their best lives and relationships.


We do this by

Teaching clients specific mindfulness tools to reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

Using EMDR to help clients heal trauma to move into joy and peace.

Supporting clients in creating and maintaining a sobriety plan for addictions through treatment plans.

Helping sexually compulsive individuals learn specific tasks and tools to grow and heal.

Supporting partners of sex addicts or infidelity to heal from their betrayal trauma.

Helping First Responders to reduce PTSD by using specific treatment tools.


We Are Here For You

If you are ready to start taking back your life and happiness, and create relationships that feel fulfilling, honest, and reciprocal then we welcome your call or email today. We take your enquiry seriously, you will speak to a real person to help you start your journey. You deserve to live your best life and at The Radiant Group we would love to help you with your goals!

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The clients I am honoured to support often share the following in working with me:

“After only a few sessions, I am already feeling better and seeing improvement in my life”

Male client, 43

“I’ve finally found a therapist who truly listens and understands me without judgement”

Female client, 32

“I’ve been in therapy before but had never learned the tools that I’ve learned with you”

Female client, 18

“I was worried about what therapy would be like, but I feel so comfortable and supported in working with you, I’m glad I took the risk, it really is one of the best decisions I have made”

Male Client, 27

"The Radiant Group has changed my life through education, training and support.  I am inspired by the passion, expertise and practical outcomes that are delivered every time I have completed a Radiant course".

Female, 56