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Individual Online Counselling

At the Radiant Group we offer convenient counselling to suit your busy life and work schedule, working with you too the convenience and ease of what is called “tele health therapy” or on line counselling sessions. This is where the client and therapist meet via FaceTime, the phone, or via Skype or Zoom.

Some of the benefits of on line therapy include:

  • Not sitting in traffic
  • Saving petrol money
  • Saving time in your schedule
  • Not having to leave work early
  • Can be done from the home, office or car

Online therapy is a wonderful alternative to in person therapy, and is also helpful for the following type of client:

  • Busy professional
  • Stressed out student
  • Busy Mum or Dad
  • Homebound elderly
  • A client dealing with illness
  • A client dealing with a physical disability

For more information or to schedule an on line therapy meeting, you are welcome to call or email here: